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Back up solution for your business

  • On-site Backups
  • Off-site Backups


  • Network Cabling
  • Network Switches
  • Network Routers
  • Network Firewall
  • Wireless Network


  • Software Installation
  • Disk Imaging
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Server Set up
  • Backups and Virus Protection


VPN business employees and delegates the flexibility to work remotely either from home, client's premises globally, to suite their requirement.

  • Remote Access
  • Work from home
  • Low-Cost VPN Solutions


  • IT Support Service
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cabling / Network Set up
  • VPN Set up
  • Printer / Scanner Set up
  • Server / PC Maintenance

Network Cabling / Switches / Routers / Firewalls / Wi-Fi

IT Support World is proud to claim its specialist skills in computer networking environment. We are experienced in designing, planning and architect for new and existing businesses who require structured cabling. Weather it is to procure, organise and install network racks, cables in home or office environment, or just providing support for installation of network racks or to organise their network equipment / servers in one rack in structured way. We can do it all and at a very reasonable price compared to most market leaders.

Our work is very structured and documented throughout the process for ease of understanding and future maintenance. An example of the work we endeavour in different categories is listed below for your understanding:

Network Cabling -

  • All cables are marked/labelled at both ends for identification purposes.
  • All ports are marked from front to back.
  • Complete network diagram with flow of cables with all cable marks documented.
  • Different colour schemes for quick identification of cable usage type.
  • Cable testing as per approved TIA (Telecommunication Industry Association) defined process using industry approved cable testers.
  • Cable patching.
  • Cable fault diagnostics and replacement.

Network Switches -

Installation of switches on desktop to rack mounted switches, VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) / inter-VLAN routing between data & voice networks QoS (Quality of Service) & data tagging.

Network Routers -

Installation of home routers for basic home networking to advance business routers deployment with access lists to OSPF, BGP routing, site to site IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) tunnels, inter-site MPLS routing.

Network Firewalls -

Installation / configuration of basic windows firewalls to Linux based IPTables firewalls to dedicated high performance hardware based firewalls port level security, configuration of PORT mapping, to NATTING of LAN.

Wireless -

Setting up WiFi for home use for all home devices to be able to connect to internet effortlessly to business grade WiFi enterprise WiFi setups using cloud controllers, managing all your satellite offices from once single cloud based controller.

To discuss further on the above or your bespoke networking requirements, please call on 0750 222 7041 to discuss further on above or click on this link to contact us.

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