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Data Backups

Backups are the key for business continuity and in our opinion each business or individual should have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. These are crucial and critical to a business, a business has an intangible/financial value/goodwill built in the course of its operation and a part of it is built around the systems it has, creates, adapts and inherits during its course of life.

We all know the importance of a good backup system and the importance of validation of the backup on regular basis, but still shockingly so many of us do not follow the procedures and systems which we believe critical for the survival of the business and leave it until a disaster hits us.

We at IT Support World want to give you all a wake-up call and our aim is to support all businesses and individual irrespective of their size to maintain a backup procedure right from inception or now on, it may cost a little financially on a regular basis but in the long term the benefit of a good backup system will outweigh the costs.

We at IT Support World advise two types of backup solution:

  • On-Site backup, (or)
  • On-Line backup

In theory an ideal backup philosophy is based on three-two & one mechanism. Explanation of this philosophy is three backups, two different Medias (disk based & RW-DVD) on-site & 3rd low cost media (tape backup or RW-DVD or cloud backup) off-site for long term storage.

Three-Two & one backups will give you 100% recovery guarantee, but resources required to achieve may be cost prohibitive in certain situation depends upon size of data & retention time for backup.

On-Site Backup:

For faster backups and recoveries, on-site backup is an ideal solution. Each business may have different requirements which may need different solutions. We recommend Synology/QNAP – NAS devices, storage capacity can vary depends upon data storage requirements of individual businesses.

Off-Site backups:

For business disaster recovery plan, long term backups – off-site backup are an ideal solution, if you have a high speed internet connection a cloud backup system can be integrated as an ideal solution.

We recommend cloud-based backups, full weekend backups & incremental week day backups these backups are cost effective & reliable in-terms of least or no hardware maintenance required. Ensure business continuity and safeguard your business / personal data by leveraging the security features that only a cloud-based backup solution can provide.

To discuss further on the above or your bespoke requirements, please call on 020 3457 6267 to discuss further on above or click on this link to contact us.

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